terms and conditions of use

Pentabyte WebControls is free software and may be used by any number of users on any number of systems without fee or obligation, subject only to the terms and conditions laid out below.

Pentabyte WebControls may be used by anyone and may be freely distributed via any medium, either commercial or non-commercial, provided the following conditions are met:

1: Distribution
Pentabyte WebControls must be distributed complete and unaltered in the original ZIP archive file or self-extracting archive, with all messages intact. In the event that the Pentabyte WebControls is being distributed as part of another package or software bundle, or in association with software or services for which a charge is being levied, the author's permission must be obtained before distribution occurs.

2: Charging for distribution
No charge may be directly levied for Pentabyte WebControls itself. Fair copying and support charges may be applied but you must not represent that you are actually selling the software itself. The intent of this statement is to allow book publishers to distribute the system freely with books, and to permit Software Libraries and BBS systems to distribute Pentabyte WebControls in their catalogues provided only reasonable handling and duplication fees are charged.

3: Ownership
Ownership of Pentabyte WebControls remains vested in the author. You may not represent ownership or copyright in the system in the course of distribution, and you must not represent any specific connection with, or authorisation or license from the author.

4: No liability
Although all possible care has been taken to ensure that Pentabyte WebControls is as reliable as possible, the diversity of environments in which it might be used means that we can accept no responsibility for loss or damage, whether real or consequential, arising from its use. By using the software you explicitly agree to hold the author blameless for any such losses or damages.

5: All rights reserved
We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of use and distribution of Pentabyte WebControls without specific notice. This will only apply to new versions of the software.

6: Feedback
Since I want to be able to give people a list of references, the WebControls are capable of giving feedback to my webserver. I don't want to make a secret out of it: Every time the dll is loaded into your memory (that happens every time you restart your IIS), an invisible image will be placed within the Image Gallery that references my server. No further information will be submitted. Don't use these components, if you are not happy with this practice. This paragraph does not apply to any commercial version of the software.