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Which trackers are supported?

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Why can't the incoming SMS be read?

Please make sure that you copy an SMS with geo-info first. If it still doesn't work, please just send us an email with your SMS and the type of tracker you have been using. Don't worry about your privacy - just switch a few digits of the coordinates and you are fine!

Why can incoming SMS not be read after iOS 10?

Apple introduced this "feature" with iOS 10: If a message contains a link in the end, the message will be split and the link is shown in its own preview bubble. But for the to work properly, it needs the complete message. I really hope that Apple fixed the message integrity in one of the next iOS updates.

Can Cell-IDs be interpreted and displayed on the map?

Cell Ids will be looked up in a OpenCellId-Database. This enables to show a rough position when no GPS reception is available. (Assuming the tracker can send this kind of info)

Why is there sometimes a problem with sending messages?

When iMessage is enabled (blue send-button) and you are experiencing a bad internet connection, your iPhone might have trouble deciding between iMessage and SMS. It might even occur that the message cannot be send at all. Unfortunately we cannot influence this system functionality. Please check your iMessage settings in that case or try rebooting your phone.

How can I recognize a Xexun TK-102 clone?

You can verify your IMEI on the manufacturer's homepage.

Why does my tracker not answer?

The most common errors:
  • wrong password
  • SIM-card is PIN protected
  • answer is delayed because of bad GPS reception
  • prepaid account is used up